Can nocturia hasten death?


Relatively healthy men who awaken often to urinate have increased risks for death.

Nocturia (voids arising from sleep) is a ubiquitous phenomenon reflecting many diverse conditions. In this patients, the sleeping can be interrupted several times in a night. This patients can have daytime sleepiness, decreased concentration and potential riscky accidents.

The researchers analyzed data from 7343 mostly white participants (aged 50-75) in the REDUCE trial (Reduction by Dutasteride of Prostate Cancer Events). Men who reported 3 or more voids per night had a 72% greater risk for all-cause mortality.

When disturbed sleep, measured by the Medical Outcomes Study questionnaire, was finally added to the model, the excess death risk fell to 43%.

The interruption of sleep by nocturia may have long-term impact on health and may warrant targeted intervention.

Nocturia can lead to poor sleep and vice versa. The researchers also acknowledged that falls may play a role, since falling has been linked to both nocturia and death.


Bliwise DL, Howard LE, Moreira DM, Andriole GL, Hopp ML, Freedland SJ. Nocturia and associated mortality: observational data from the REDUCE trial. Pros Canc Prost Dis. DOI:10.1038/s41391-018-0090-5