Diabetes: HbA1c Linked to Adverse Outcomes After Surgery


For surgical inpatients aged ≥54 years, diabetes and increased haemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) are associated with increased risk of adverse outcomes

The researchers found that diabetes was associated with increased 6-month mortality, major complications, intensive care unit admission, mechanical ventilation, and hospital length of stay. 

This Australian group conducted a prospective observational study to examine the correlation of diabetes with postoperative outcomes. 

Thirty percent of the 7565 inpatients included in the study had diabetes and 37% had prediabetes.


Yong PH, Weinberg L, Torkamani N, et al. The Presence of Diabetes and Higher HbA1c Are Independently Associated With Adverse Outcomes After Surgery. Diab Care. 2018 Mar;dc172304. DOI:10.2337/dc17-2304

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