Fewer Cancer Patients Are Asked to Quit Smoking


General practitioners are less likely to support the cessation of smoking in patients with smoke-related cancer than in those with coronary heart disease

According to a recent study, the researchers found that 32 and 18.2% of patients with cancer and CHD smoked tobacco at diagnosis. Compared to patients with coronary artery disease, patients with cancer were less likely to have their general practitioner update their smoking status, advise quitting, or prescribe medication; they were also less likely to have stopped smoking.

One year later, 61.7 and 55.4% of patients with cancer and coronary artery disease, respectively, who had smoked at diagnosis were still smoking.

The authors concluded that General Practitioners were less likely to support smoking cessation in patients with cancer than with coronary artery disease, and patients with cancer were less likely to stop smoking.

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