Non-Invasive Test for Urothelial Cancer Detection


UroSEEK, which uses DNA recovered from cells shed into urine, can detect urothelial cancer (bladder, ureters, renal pelvis)

The researchers found that UroSEEK was positive in 83% of those who developed Bladder Cancer

Combined with cytology, it detected 95% of patients who developed Bladder Cancer. Seventy-five percent of patients with upper tract urothelial cancer tested positive by UroSEEK, including 79% of those with non-invasive tumors. In 68% of urines obtained from Bladder Cancer patients under surveillance who demonstrated clinical evidence of recurrence, UroSEEK detected genetic abnormalities. In low-grade Bladder Cancers, UroSEEK detected 67% of cases, while none were detected by cytology.

These results establish the foundation for a new non-invasive approach for detection of urothelial cancer.

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