Online Calculator May Aid In Individualizing Prostate Cancer Care


The online calculator presents multiple outcomes and can serve as a platform to inform treatment selection in men with localized prostate cancer.

Is surgery or radiotherapy preferred on average for treatment of localized prostate cancer when considering both metastatic clinical failure and overall survival, and is either treatment preferred for a particular patient based on his clinical and tumor characteristics?

Whether surgery or radiotherapy is the preferred treatment for patients with localized prostate cancer continues to be debated, and randomized clinical trials cannot yet fully address this question. Furthermore, there may be heterogeneity in responses, and the optimal treatment for a patient will depend on his clinical and tumor characteristics.

In this study, after adjustment for measured confounders, the hazard of CF was similar between treatments on average. However, these data indicate a greater oncologic benefit for some individual patients if treated with surgery and for other patients if treated with radiotherapy. Individualized predictions provide a novel approach to facilitate treatment decision making.

However, better to be guided by the Urologist in the use of this useful tool.


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