Stem cells and erectile dysfunction: just a lucrative business


Who offers this treatment for Erectile Dysfunction is only because of business.

By Marco Raber, Consultant Urologist, Dubai

Stem cells therapy it is not a treatment mentioned on any medical guideline. In fact, both American Urologic Association and European Association of Urology, the two most important urologic scientific urologic bodies, don't mention any treatment related to it. 

However, the interest in stem cell therapy is justified by their capability to differentiate into specific damaged tissues, including endothelium and nervous tissue, and induction of the host own cell proliferation. Despite the great effort of the many studies carried out to date, knowledge about biological effects, therapeutic efficacy and safety of stem cells therapy for erectile dysfunction is still very limited. 

The current body of literature provides a wide array of clinical trials performed on animal models simulating different types of human erectile dysfunction. Unfortunately, only a handful of studies have been performed on human patients and almost all of them were phase 1 studies limited by the small sample size. 

No any large controlled trial has been made for supporting cells stem treatment in erectile dysfunction so far.