The disposable cystoscope


The disposable cystoscope has a simple set-up, it is ready to use, it is always sterile, it saves time. Does it worth?

The use of disposables has been spreading in the last 10 years. They are ready to use because of easy and time-saving set-up. Moreover, they decrease significantly the incidence of infections due to a potentially imperfect sterilisation process. Another advantage, however, might be the zero costs for maintenance, regeneration and fixing compared to regular re-usable cystoscope. My personal opinion is that even if the last generation of disposable cystoscope are digital and have plug and play technology, the endoscopic video is not comparable with vision caught by HD digital camera coupled with the regular analogic flexible cystoscope. The disposable digital cystoscope can be used more safely to remove ureteral stents or other operations inside the bladder which don't require a detailed diagnostic evaluation.