Why does my urine feel hot?


If a person's internal body temperature increases - for instance, if they have a fever caused by an infection or if they have just done intense exercise - then their urine may also be warmer than usual. However, there are other causes of it.

Urine is generally the same temperature as the body - on average 37 *C

This means that when the urine comes out of the urinary tract, called the urethra, it can feel warm on the skin that it touches, including the genitals, hands, or legs. In cold temperatures, a person may observe steam rising from urine.

Noticing that urine feels warm or hot is perfectly normal. Urine may feel especially warm if a person's body or hands are cold.

However, if a person notices that their urine feels warmer than usual, or hot as it comes out of the urethra, this may mean that there is an infection or injury. A hot, burning, or painful sensation when urinating is called dysuria.

Urine can feel hot for two reasons - either because the temperature of the urine is warmer than usual, or because of urinating causes a burning and painful sensation.

Both symptoms point to a possible infection, so it is important to seek medical care, especially if there are other symptoms as well.