Why does my urine smell like sulfur?


Here are 11 different reasons why urine can smell like sulfur. These range from common causes that people can treat easily to less frequent causes that require treatment.

By Marco Raber, Consultant Urologist at Emirates Hospital

On some occasions, people may notice that their urine smells like sulfur or rotten eggs. This can sometimes occur as a result of eating specific foods or taking certain medications, in which case the smell should be temporary. At other times, an underlying condition may be causing the sulfuric smell in the urine.

There are many different causes of foul-smelling urine, and most are no cause for concern.

Getting rid of the sulfur smell in the urine involves treating the underlying cause, and there are times when a visit to the doctor may be necessary.

Urine smelling of sulfur is usually a temporary symptom that goes away after a few trips to the bathroom. However, people should visit a doctor if the smell remains after a few days, or if they also have any of the following symptoms:

  • cloudy urine
  • milky streaks in the urine
  • bloody urine
  • pain or difficulty urinating
  • pain in the back, pelvis, or abdomen

These signs indicate an infection or another internal issue that needs prompt medical treatment to avoid severe complications.