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Infections, cysts, kidney stones ... many things can make urination painful. See what may help.

What is cystitis? Cystitis is any inflammation of the bladder. In the vast majority of cases, this inflammation is brought on by infection, meaning most cases of cystitis are actually a type of lower urinary tract infection.

Transitional cell tumours can affect any part of the urinary epithelium. It is the second most common urological malignancy and is one of the most common cause of cancer related death. Bladder cancer occurs most commonly from the fifth to seventh decades of life and is more common in men.

Sometimes renal cysts may grow slowly and become symptomatic only in the late stage. In this case the kidney was displaced until reaching the main abdominal vessels in the midline. The biggest renal cyst I've ever seen.

Medical therapy is the first line of the treatment for prostate enlargement. Many patients will avoid the surgery if the medical treatment is correctly indicated and effective.